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baby sounds

The speed of sound is about 340m/s in air and about 1,500m/s in water.By the 20th week of pregnancy, the baby can hear the blood flow and heartbeat of the mother in the womb. After 28 weeks, hearing develops further, and outside sounds and voices can be heard through the abdominal wall.

By that time, they can recognize the melody of music and the voice of mom and dad.Cornell University Child Psychology Ph.D. Lee Salk's experiment showed that when newborns (102) were given a steady adult heartbeat (72 BPM, 85db) without rest, 70% of the infant group exposed to heartbeats gained weight. , reported feeling soothed and spending less time crying.

It is said that even after becoming an adult, listening to slow and steady music can bring back memories of when you were a baby and provide a relaxing effect.

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