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Baby sound 2

While I was pregnant, the same music was playing every time I drove. Vivaldi's Four Seasons Violin Music. I always listened to the same music for 10 months until my child was born. I was so busy after giving birth that I lost the CD and forgot about it. When my child turned 3years old, the same CD came out, and when my child listened to it, said, "I've heard this music before."

my child said I wanted to learn the violin and I waited for a year to see how it would go, but My child was still determined to learn the violin, so started learning the violin. After that, when He was a junior high school student, He got a scholarship to study violin and went to a boarding school in England. This movie is the rhythm of the sound of the heartbeat in the womb and the sound of the violin, which contains the sound of the amniotic fluid, was naturally synchronized.

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